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நினைத்தாலே இனிக்கும்

A Family Business Since 1915

Murari Sweets


Celebrating 104 years

A Family Business Since 1915…

The Famous Murari Sweets in Kumbakonam was started by Sriman Murari Lal Sait who belonged to a small town of khurja in western Uttar Pradesh. His son Mr.A.Devi Doss undertakes the tradition of making high-quality sweets and he out of the passion to bring north Indian sweets and delicacies to the temple town of Kumbakonam started a sweet shop by the name of Murari Sweets. Today his wealth of experience has positioned Murari Sweets as a household name for lip-smacking sweets and savories in the temple town. It has been serving the palates of sweet lovers with the widest variety of sweets that are prepared with purest ingredients. The legacy continues now by his sons Mr. D. Ramesh Kumar, Mr.D. Ganesh Kumar and Mr. D. Dinesh Kumar. Murari Sweets stands as a sweet shop synonymous with taste and hygiene. The impeccable standards are achieved by implementing an authentic Indian sweet making process with incorporating advanced techniques.

Kumbakonam Murari Sweets is located in such a pious position that the virtue of divine overflows from all the directions with The Ramaswamy Temple on its East, The Sarangapani Temple on its North and the Kumbeswarar Temple on its South. With such divines, the quality is sure to be on the high. Mr.A.Devi Doss has always had the nature of never to compromise in quality and value the customer utmost. Murari Bombay Sweets has been the pioneer in the Sweets market of Kumbakonam by creating a taste for its customers which drives them to be loyal to the former. Over the years the sweet shop has gained a reputation for its quality and unchanged taste not only in Kumbakonam but also in the entire Tamilnadu and even in Abroad also. It has become a major crowd puller in Kumbakonam.

You can pamper your sweet tooth with Murari sweet’s range of sweets and savories for occasions like Birthday, Farewell, Wedding, Festivals and for any occasion, where there’s an excuse for sweets. Uncompromising quality, superb taste, and superior service are the hallmarks of Murari Sweets. Not to mention, no preservatives used. Murari Sweets stands as a sweet shop synonymous with taste, hygiene, and tradition.

With the Head Office successfully going to complete its majestic 100 years in 2015, the business has taken a new identity through its branch in Hajiyaar Street(near bus stand) and Kurujni Metro Bazzar in Kumbakonam & one branch at Karaikal.